Phones 4U #ProjectUpgrade

19th March 2014

Earlier this month we were "upgraded" by Phones 4U as part of their #ProjectUpgrade. Phones 4U very generously gave us a complete set of floor mats, a punching/kicking dummy and protective equipment for the kids. All of it was very gratefully appreciated by Myself, the Students and Parents.

This kit will help to improve both safety and the range of skills that all Students can now learn. We will be able to focus more on safe throwing techniques and Competition style sparring.

Phones 4U have also filmed a number of classes to see how we are using the equipment and to document what they have done for us! We may all be famous soon!

Once again many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, and especially the Phones 4U #ProjectUpgrade Team.

Yours in Karate

Sensei Mark