Club Rules

The Student must uphold the true spirit and art of Kaihatsu Karate-Do and Karate-Do by respecting other club members and refraining from ‘impetuous and violent behaviour’ both inside and outside of the Dojo.

Note that during the COVID-19 Pandemic additional rules and protocols apply to ALL Students.

Details will be provided and updated as necessary.

Dojo Etiquette

  • Always bow on entering and leaving the dojo.

  • Junior grades must bow first to their seniors.

  • Instructors should be referred to as Sensei and not by name.

  • Nails must be kept clean and short enough to avoid scratching and cutting.

  • Jewellery / Watches must not be worn. If it is not possible to remove rings or earrings, then they should be covered.

  • It may be requested that shoes are removed on entering the Dojo. It is polite to walk around the edge of the training area.

  • Students must make every effort to arrive on time, so that the class may also start on time. It is understood that sometimes lateness occurs due to circumstances beyond control.

  • Students arriving late should enter the Dojo quietly and warm-up at the back of the class. When they wish to join in, they must watch for the Sensei’s signal and walk quickly and quietly to the position appropriate to their grade.

  • It is advised that all Children (boys and girls) wear a white t-shirt (or similar) under the Gi (Karate Suit)

  • No horse play while in the Dojo.

  • Always ask for permission to go to the toilet.

  • Smoking or drinking Alcohol is not allowed in the Dojo or in any adjacent areas.

  • Swearing or any behaviour that is likely to offend the etiquette of the Dojo is not permitted.

Gi’s (Karate Suit) and Belts

  • It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their Gi fits correctly and is kept clean and in a good state of repair. Tears and other damage must be repaired prior to the following training session. Association badges can be embroidered or stitched on to the Gi. The appropriate coloured belt, including any necessary stripes or tabs must be worn with the Gi at all times.

Foot Care

  • Keep nails short so as not to scratch or injure others.

  • Karate is traditionally a "bare foot" art, however in the event of an infection e.g. verruca - then footwear MUST be worn to prevent spreading to other students.

  • Occasionally blisters may occur and should be covered appropriately to prevent infection.

  • Please look after your feet and regularly inspect for any of the above.


Full rules and etiquette information are available from Sensei Mark upon request