Mid May 2020 Club Update.

15th May 2020

Dear Student / Parent / Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I still have no idea when we will be allowed back to training, I know I am looking forward to it eagerly though. I just thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a few updates on the SKU and what classes could potentially be like once we are allowed back.

Firstly on the SKU. The Exec Team (of which I am a member of) met via video conference two weeks ago.

One of the main issues discussed was that of SKU membership. And as no one can train at a dojo currently (although some of us are doing Online Classes) we decided to suspend all membership until further notice. Once we are back in a position to train and take on new members we will then put a plan in place to offer some kind of compensation for lack of training, this may be an additional period of time added to licences from the point of suspension. Details of this are to be worked out at an appropriate time.

Also we are hoping to be able to run the 51st SKU Nationals Championships at some point. However we do not yet know what form this would take should we be in a position to do it. I do have sme entry money still from those of you who entered in March. Don’t worry the money is safe and ready to be handed back as soon as we get to meet again.

COVID-19 has also pretty much put a stop to any Black belt gradings this year. Those of you hoping to grade to 1st Dan or above will now need to wait and plan for May / November 2021.

Outside of the Exec Team, I have been looking into the logistics of re-opening once we are allowed to. I now have a plan prepared which will enable safe, but limited training for all. The key is to make this a safe environment, so I will need everyone's full cooperation. I will let you all know the details when appropriate.

Again thank you to those of you that have been attending the Online CyberDojo classes. I know it has its limits and fair share of challenges, but keep at it. These sessions will count towards your next grading and will help to ensure that those of you due to grade do not have to wait too long once we get back to the dojo.

For those that have not yet tried the Online Classes please feel free to join, you only need a little space and a spare 45mins (which I think many of us have right now). For those that have not joined for a while we are now using Cisco WebEx Meet for the sessions. Full details can be found on our Website:


Remember that these classes are Free. The times are:

Monday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

Please keep a regular check on our Club Website and follow us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any updates.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards

Sensei Mark