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SKU 50th Anniversary Nationals

On Sunday 24th the SKU held the annual National Championships in Sheffield. This was extra special as it is the 50th Anniversary of the SKU, formed in 1969.

Kaihatsu-Do sent a small squad to the event and the results were absolutely brilliant.

Sophia and Devin - Team Kata, 10-15yrs, mixed, red to purple belt - GOLD MEDAL

Devin - Individual Kata, 10-12yrs, mixed, green to purple belt - GOLD MEDAL

Sophia - Individual Kata, 13-15yrs, mixed, green to purple belt - BRONZE MEDAL

A great day was had by all and I returned as a very proud Sensei.

Well done everyone who entered and gave it a go, keep up the great work.

Sensei Mark

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Monday's and Thursday's: Red Street Community Centre, ST5 7AH

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