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SKU Area Course - Hanley - 14th October 2018

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to remind you that we have an SKU Area Course in October to which all SKU Licence holders of Red belt and above are welcome to come along to FREE of charge.

This will be held at:

YMCA, Edinburgh House, Harding Road, Hanley, Stoke On Trent. ST1 3AE at: 11am (please arrive early to ensure you are registered on time for a prompt start).

This is a great opportunity to be taught one of top UK Instructors and SKU Chief Instructor Stan Knighton (10th Dan). You will cover basic techniques and grading work, plus there will be the opportunity to test out your kata and fighting skills in the Kata & Kumite Trials. This will all be great practice for your next grading, plus it’s FREE (apart from car parking).

Please bring along your in date Licence Book, mitts, pads and a drink.

The times are:

Red to Purple Belt: 11am to 12pm (with the option of taking part in the Kata & Kumite Trials afterwards).

Brown & Black Belts: 11am to 1pm (with the option of taking part in the Kata & Kumite Trials afterwards).

For those taking Black belt in the next 12 months please remember that you MUST attend at least 2 of these courses in the 12 months prior to grading - this one WILL count if you grade in May 2019).

Also I wanted to let you know that for your convenience I am now able to accept secure payment of training fees, gradings and equipment by Card i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Many thanks, keep up the great training and I hope to see you at the course.

Yours in Karate

Sensei Mark


Monday's and Thursday's: Red Street Community Centre, ST5 7AH

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