• Sensei Mark

Naming of the Club

OA few students have recently asked how I came up with the club name Kaihatsu Karate Do and what it's meaning is.

To be honest it took many weeks of thinking and researching to come up with the name as I wanted something with a real meaning. So here we go:

Kaihatsu - in Japanese means "Development"

Karate - in Japanese kara means "empty" and te is "hand)" therefore "Empty Hand"

Do - means "Way" or "Path"

All put together:

"The Path/Way to Development of Karate (Empty Hand)".

At least that's my interpretation, please feel free to disagree or offer alternatives.

Enjoy your training and train hard (that's what matters most).

Sensei Mark



Monday's and Thursday's: Red Street Community Centre, ST5 7AH

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