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Diary Dates 2016

Dear Student / Parent / Guardian,

Here are a few important dates for your diary.

Monday 28th March - Bank Holiday, Monday's class at Red Street will be closed. Classes will resume as normal on Tuesday 29th March. Enjoy the break.

Sunday 17th April - SKU National Competiton at EIS Sheffield. Any students wishing to compete please let me know ASAP as the closing date for entries is rapidly approaching. Places are available for Kumite, Kata and team events.

Late April / early May - I am planning a grading for those Students who are eligible, so keep training hard.

Sunday 3rd July - SKU Summer Course at EIS Sheffield. This is a 3 hour long course covering various aspects of karate, including kata, bunkai, kumite, kicking, self defense, restraint and nunchaku weapons training. It is open to all grades, but you must book in advance (you cannot just turn up on the day). If you wish to go, please use the following link to book:

Any questions please let me know.

Yours in Karate

Sensei Mark

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Monday's and Thursday's: Red Street Community Centre, ST5 7AH

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