Legal Information

Privacy Policy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Kaihatsu Karate Do is operating in accordance with the EU GDPR regulations (effective 25th May 2018).  All personally identifiable data (both direct and indirect) is secured and encrypted in an appropriate manner and in line with requirements.  Such data held is provided at registration and is used to ensure the safety and suitability of classes for students.  If anyone has any questions around this please feel free to contact me.

We do take your privacy seriously and want to give you the chance to unsubscribe to our mailing lists/remove your details from our records. If you do wish to be removed please email on with your name, email, club name and any other information you wish to be removed. Our Privacy Policy is outlined here: Kaihatsu Karate Do Privacy Policy.


Trade Marks

Kaihatsu Karate Do is a registered Trade Mark (UK00003231028) and must not be used without prior consent from Sensei Mark Hudson.  If anyone knows of someone using this name or similar please report to me so that appropriate action may be stopped as this may be damaging to the Club and wider SKU.  Thank you, Sensei Mark.

Monday's and Thursday's: Red Street Community Centre, ST5 7AH

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